Abstract Landscape Haunting Beauty

Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889)Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)

In most people, abstract landscape artwork can inspire these kinds of feelings and more. Abstract landscapes can be about any subject ranging from weather, seascapes, natural scenes, mountains, trees or anything else the artist fancies. But how do these abstract landscapes differ from other regular sceneries? In landscape paintings, the artist simply translates what he sees in the physical world on to his canvas. However, in abstract landscape paintings, the image that finally appears on the canvas is the artist’s representation of the scene or the view. The artists can also use skillful brush strokes to create chimeras of depths and heights. Besides the landscapes, you can get paintings depicting cityscapes, hardscapes, skyscapes and moonscapes.

To become an abstract artist you need to have an innate understanding of colors and art. You also need to have the mind of a poet to interpret what you see in the world in your own unique way.

Do You Know Your Colors?

Your abstract landscape painting should have a balanced composition, the right kind of texture and tone. Besides, you should also know how to take care of aspects like tension, contrast and harmony. There have been several painters who have made a name for themselves in the field, Barnett Newman and Sean S is quite famous in this genre.

These kinds of paintings are all about evoking the emotions of your viewers through the right blend of colors, lines and strokes. Regardless of whether you create your own abstract painting or buy a masterpiece, a landscape painting helps enhance the interior of your home and work place. Although there are many masterpieces available in this genre, most of them are quite expensive, thankfully, these days, you can get a number of reproductions that can equally enhance your home or office on a budget.