New, talking defibrillator

What will they think of next? Apparently, the answer to that question is a defibrillator machine that barks instructions to physicians. The thinking behind it being that if the doctor is stressed or distracted, the voice will keep her on track and with the task at hand. “It’s like a very good instructor whispering into your ear, telling you what to do,” said Dr. Kenneth Morallee, vice president of strategic development for Laerdal, the Norwegian co-developer of the new device. “If you do it well, it shuts up.”

The machine will help physicians deliver better, more consistent compression on patients’ chests, which according to Dr. Petter Steen, professor in the surgical division at Ulleval University Hospital in Oslo is “the most important factor for survival” in patients with cardiac arrest. “They do half the compressions they need to do and they’re not pressing hard enough,” said Steen, referring to paramedics who don’t use Q-CPR. “But with the device, we’re up to twice the heart compressions that we had before.”

This new technology sounds like it could help even the most harried emergency room doctor.

Want to Get Pregnant? Have Wild, Energetic Sex

Trying to have a baby? According to a recent story in the Guardian newspaper, researchers say that couples who have great sex – forsaking extensive book learning’ and temperature readings and all other mechanical methods – might have a better chance at conceiving.

“Couples who are trying to have a baby often mention that the sex becomes a bit of a chore, a bit mechanical and routine. That’s the wrong thing to be doing,” says Dr Allan Pacey, a senior lecturer in andrology at Sheffield University and secretary of the British Fertility Society. “The sex should be as wild and thrilling as it was when they first met, when they weren’t thinking about babies, to give them the maximum possible chance of having a baby,” he adds. One researcher refers to this kind of mutually satisfying sex as “gourmet sex.”

Men usually produce about 250 million sperm during intercourse; but those who are fully stimulated by gourmet sex can ejaculate up to 50% more than that. According to Pacey, an extra five minutes of sexual activity before ejaculation can produce an extra 25 million sperm – plus the extra sperm released are of a higher standard.

This research supports previous studies that demonstrate that men who have viewed pornography before ejaculation also produce greater amounts of sperm.

The role of the female orgasm is much disputed, with some researchers believing that it has no impact whatsoever on the ability to conceive. But others insist that the muscle contractions that occur during climax make it easier for sperm to make its way to the cervix and therefore increase the odds for conception.

TGIM: Hectic Family Weekends

Montrealers used to mock Torontonians, saying they only cared about money and lawn sprinklers and their little petit bourgeois existences; whereas Montrealers cared about culture, friends, food, had passionate arguments about art, they dress better, have more fun nightlife and esprit and joi de vivre, etc.

All of which may be true: my main observation when I go to Montreal is how many people wear turtlenecks. And what beautiful turtlenecks–so carefully chosen! Certainly, though it may have suffered setbacks elsewhere, the turtleneck is alive and well in Montreal!

The ultimate sniffing dis Montrealers used to drop on Torontonians (and perhaps still do, Mack’s not sure) is that Torontonians had so little clue what to do with themselves on weekends that they would say: “Thank God it’s Monday.”

If that is indeed true then perhaps Mack at long last is turning into a true Torontonian.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the weekends and enjoy spending time with the whole Mack Daddy brood (three boys, ages 6, 9, and 12).

But holy freakin’ hockey puck the weekends are busy!

I keep waiting for downtime to kick in, but a strange inversion has taken place and our weekends have become busier than our weeks. Not only that, we have to get up just as early if not earlier! It’s sick!

The main culprit is hockey, methinks. This weekend, our middle child, J.J., had not one, not two but three hockey-related events: two games and a practice. And often his games (I think because he’s a kid and is down the food-chain a bit in terms of ice-times) begin at an unholy hour, like 8 a.m.!

For each hockey thing he has to suit up in his gladiatorial gear, be driven to rink, etc. Throw in the activities of the other two; the need for the youngest to be babysat aka “parented” (i.e. supervised, fed, and amused); the need for grocery shopping, food preparation, a certain amount of minimal house-tidying, and Mack and Ms. Daddy are both busier than a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest for the entire 48-hour experience.

Of course I miss it all when Monday hits, and my theory is that when we grow older Ms. Daddy and I will miss “the busy years.” We’ll miss being busy and stretched so tight we twang.

But I confess I feel a slight twinge of TGIM action when Monday rolls around, just as Montrealers accuse. Mack’s a writer, so I spend my weeks in quiet contemplation, alone, tapping on a keyboard and thinking and musing on the human condition. If I crack a book over a steaming bowl of pho at lunch I can even justify it: “research.”

My week-days are very calm and peaceful, in other words.

It’s Ms. Daddy you should feel sorry for. She’s a television news reporter. She runs around all weekend, then during the week races out of the door where a camera truck is often awaiting her, blasts off, and zooms all over town, poking her mic in people’s faces, always racing against the clock, trying to get the story.

I should get her a coupon for some time at a spa. She’s earned it.

The only question is: when would she ever use it?

Answer: she wouldn’t.

Spas stress her out, she says. Her mind’s always racing the whole time, thinking of all the things she really should be doing.

Poor baby. For her, truly, it never stops. Still, I think she likes it. It’s the engaged life, baby: always on the run!

The Agonies of the Damned

I know I’ve said this before, about something else (I don’t remember what). And I know it’s not news to parents.

But if I may be permitted to not only repeat myself, but state the obvious, because it never fails to surprise me:

I experience more pain when painful things happen to my kids than when they happen to me.

Now I know that’s a big dramatic buildup for a discussion of a topic that may seem trivial to many: the underattended birthday party.

Mack doesn’t even want to go into specifics, except to say it happened to someone in my vicinity of late, and I couldn’t take it. It was five solid hours of sheer torture.

This is why Mack doesn’t even HAVE birthday parties for myself anymore. Mack doesn’t want to know how many friends he has left. Mack doesn’t want the truth about who really gives a crap about Mack.

To paraphrase Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men: “Mack can’t handle the truth!”

So I just go out for dinner with Mrs. Daddy, to a nice restaurant.

And I love this ritual, actually. Mrs. Daddy pays. It’s still much, much cheaper than having a dinner party, so the sky’s the limit.

And someone else does all the work, man. Throwing a party is a lot of work, I don’t know if you’ve noticed. It takes hours to get ready and hours to clean up the next day.

Go to a restaurant they do all the cooking and cleaning.

I’d talk more about this topic but even though I am talking about it I don’t want to talk about it.

If you’ve ever attended, or even worse thrown, a party to which almost no one shows up, you will understand the above cryptic statements.

It’s sheer torture. And you can’t leave. That would make the host feel even worse. You have to stand there, squirming.

It’s agony.

I wouldn’t other with it again

My husband and I had bought Carte Noir in the past and had really enjoyed it. So when we saw a 250 g jar of the coffee on offer in Tesco a couple of weeks ago for £4 we thought that we’d buy a jar. The coffee is usually quite expensive for a small jar, and my husband is a strong coffee lover, and we needed coffee so I thought why not pop it in the trolley. When we got home, we made a cup of coffee expecting the strong rich flavours from the coffee which we had the last time we had bought it- but we were sorely mistaken.

So what IS Carte Noire? Carte Noire is an instant coffee range made by the company, Kraft. The coffee I am reviewing is the original instant coffee, but there is quite a large range available- Cappuccino, Filter, Decaffeinated etc; incidentally it is actually the leading brand of coffee in France.

The packaging of Carte Noire is very appealing, the jar is black and elegant looking, it looks like a premium brand of coffee on the shelf of the supermarkets and makes you think it will be an’ expensive but worth it ‘coffee.

My husband and I both love coffee, but have completely different tastes in it; I am a more smooth roast-person, and I don’t like my coffee too strong, whilst my husband likes his rich and dark, the stronger the better!

He has always raved about Carte Noire saying it is the nicest coffee he has ever had, when we got a small jar a couple of years ago, I am afraid I couldn’t agree, it was far too strong for me, I had to put half a cup of milk in there just to dull the taste! But he loved it. So when he saw it on offer a couple of weeks ago, he jumped at the chance to have a larger jar. It was the exact same as the first lot we had a couple of years previous so we expected the coffee inside to be the same.

We made a cup just as we would make a normal cup of instant coffee, we put a spoonful of the granules into the mug, and poured in the hot boiled water. Our cups are normal sized, not HUGE and not tiny. But when we started drinking our coffee it was just like tap water! There was no taste to it, it certainly wasn’t as strong as it had been the first time we had bought the coffee! It was even too weak for me, the queen of weak coffee!

We tried with two spoons of coffee the next time…still not much difference. We actually ended up having to buy espresso cups and have the TINIEST coffee in the world, just to get a decent taste from it! The quality of the Carte Noire has DEFINITELY gone downhill since a couple of years ago. It just has no taste, and definitely doesn’t warrant spending £5 on a 100 g jar of the stuff. In my own experience, Kenco and Nescafe have been much better with much stronger tastes- even the smooth roast!

Would I buy it again?

After the first time I bought it, my answer would have been yes, it wasn’t to my own personal taste as it was far too strong for me. But now, I most definitely wouldn’t waste my money on it again! It was like dishwater, it had no taste to it at all until there was only about 50 ml of water in it! If it had been advertised as Espresso, then okay, this wouldn’t be a problem, in fact we have a jar of espresso in the cupboard and even that tastes better than this did when mixed into a “full” mug of coffee!

So in a word, no I wouldn’t bother with it again!

Abstract Landscape Haunting Beauty

Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889)Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)

In most people, abstract landscape artwork can inspire these kinds of feelings and more. Abstract landscapes can be about any subject ranging from weather, seascapes, natural scenes, mountains, trees or anything else the artist fancies. But how do these abstract landscapes differ from other regular sceneries? In landscape paintings, the artist simply translates what he sees in the physical world on to his canvas. However, in abstract landscape paintings, the image that finally appears on the canvas is the artist’s representation of the scene or the view. The artists can also use skillful brush strokes to create chimeras of depths and heights. Besides the landscapes, you can get paintings depicting cityscapes, hardscapes, skyscapes and moonscapes.

To become an abstract artist you need to have an innate understanding of colors and art. You also need to have the mind of a poet to interpret what you see in the world in your own unique way.

Do You Know Your Colors?

Your abstract landscape painting should have a balanced composition, the right kind of texture and tone. Besides, you should also know how to take care of aspects like tension, contrast and harmony. There have been several painters who have made a name for themselves in the field, Barnett Newman and Sean S is quite famous in this genre.

These kinds of paintings are all about evoking the emotions of your viewers through the right blend of colors, lines and strokes. Regardless of whether you create your own abstract painting or buy a masterpiece, a landscape painting helps enhance the interior of your home and work place. Although there are many masterpieces available in this genre, most of them are quite expensive, thankfully, these days, you can get a number of reproductions that can equally enhance your home or office on a budget.

Is there such a thing as clean coal

The abundance of coal makes it the most logical choice for energy independence, however the impact of coal on greenhouse gas emissions makes it a troublesome choice. The United States has more coal than the rest of the world has oil, with enough coal underground to provide energy for 200 to 300 years, compared with roughly 100 years of oil. We’re not going to break away quickly and easily from our coal habit, with more than 600 coal powered plants in the United States, and roughly half of our energy coming from this source.

Coal is becoming an increasingly contentious issue among environmental and energy factions, but with this abundance, it’s going to be frankly impossible to put a close on this energy source. Coal is troublesome because of the sulfur and nitrogen that are released as it burns – combining with water in the atmosphere to form acid rain. Microscopic coal particulates are also released into the air, which is an issue for human health because it can lead to asthma and other respiratory diseases. And, there’s the issue of carbon emissions, so called greenhouse gases, that are contributing to the warming of our planet. All three of these issues must be addressed if we’re going to make coal a more sustainable energy source.

Stripping Chemicals

Coal found in the eastern United States can contain as much as 10 percent of sulfur, while western coal is cleaner with less than 1 percent. In order to rid coal of this acid-making matter, it needs to be cleaned. One step is pre-processing plants that crush coal and put it through a water bath where the coal floats and the sulfur particles sink. It also takes scrubbers in the smoke stacks of power plants to bind to the remaining and combusted sulfur and eliminate it before it can escape into the air.

The issue of nitrogen in coal, which combines with oxygen to for nitrogen oxide (NOx), causes visible brown clouds around our cities. To combat NOx, scientists have devised a two-stage combustion where smaller amounts of oxygen are introduced in relation to the amount of fuel, which makes it tough for the nitrogen to combine with oxygen to form NOx. This method has proven to reduce NOx by 50%.

Both of these steps have been improvements over how we burn coal to make energy, but they’re not good enough to call coal clean.


A more efficient means of stripping coal of contaminants is to turn it into gas. Blasting hot, but not burning, coal with steam turns it back to a mixture of component parts – carbon monoxide and hydrogen – both gases. These gases are then burned in turn to spin turbines at the first pass, and then the hot gas exhaust from this process can be channeled for second-stage energy generation by turning water into steam that turns another turbine.

One of the best outcomes of gasification is that scientists have come up with ways to strip more than 90 percent of the sulfur and dirt particles from coal through this process. The detailed diagram of the integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant process below gives you a sense of the complexities of this process.

Cutting Carbon

While gasification solves a few of the problems, there’s still the issue of carbon. Coal is the second leading source of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States, a key contributor to global warming. The prevailing answer to dealing with carbon dioxide emissions is called carbon sequestration, the process of pumping the carbon dioxide gas underground for long term storage. Carbon sequestration projects are now underway all around the world.

Our ability to store carbon underground with out any harmful side effects is still untested. Some scientists fear leakage through sils, the contamination of aquifers that might harm drinking water, and the potential for geological instability. The technical feasibility will take time and testing to fully understand.

What is Clean?

Even with all of these scientific advancements, coal is inherently a dirty energy source that needs to be mined, hauled and handled with biproducts such as ash and mercury to be dealt with after energy is extracted. When compared with harnessing the power of sun, wind or water, coal is definitely at a clean energy disadvantage.

Coal has thrived for decades because it is plentiful and cheap to burn. Efficiency hasn’t really factored into the process until recently, because we can no longer tolerate harmful practices that jeopardize the longevity of humankind’s existence on our planet. Now that all the costs of this energy source are becoming  apparent, we’re going to need to break out all of our scientific and engineering skills to make coal cleaner even if it can’t be considered clean.

Credit File Ask for Offs

On the subject of credit rating fee offs, there will be loads of dilemma amongst individuals. ‘Charge-off‘ is simply phrase loan merchants use to sort out no-performing investments for levy requirements. Having said that, that will not dismiss or reduce the buyer from the credit card debt. Financial institutions record fee-on to the credit reporting agencies to mirror your check historical past. With regards to the company’s plan, their next step will be to market the money into a collection firm.

If the collection firm makes a decision to record the gathering account to the reporting agencies, they will generally do, you might have two unfavorable markings on your credit report in one account. These records can be claimed for several years through the date of last pastime. These kinds of records can eliminate your credit and stop you from having almost any variety botox wroclaw bank loan. They even can stop you from acquiring a employment or perhaps an condominium.

Credit card debt Relief Selections

Financial debt relief packages give the debtor various choices like seeking credit score counseling as a precursor to enrolling in a debt management program. The encumbered may well also choose to opt for consolidating debts. Negotiating with creditors and debt settlement is a unique probability for debtors who are on the verge of submitting bankruptcy. The last, and the minimum appealing alternative, is submitting bankruptcy with the wish of resolving debts that can be repaid, and abstaining from having to pay those that are not able to be requited. The usefulness of the proposed debt relief options range relying on the individual’s state of affairs.

In the document titled, Financial debt Elimination Techniques, debt relief choices like consolidation, refinancing, credit debt counseling, and enrolling in a debt management program have been mentioned in detail. The target of this document will be on the remaining approaches, viz. debt settlement, hard cash out refinancing, and submitting bankruptcy.

Sad to say there are scores of scammers and hooligans who use the phrase “Christian” at will and at their unique liberty. It is outright blasphemy and this has produced the phrase Christian debt relief somewhat of a joke. However, there are even now reputable Christian debt relief ministries that do give free counseling and advice to help debtors in distress get up from underneath their debts.

Quoting Bible verses is not the mark of a genuine Christian debt relief group. The Bible teaches about faith that operates and absolutely Christian-principled debt help will consequence in meaningful efforts that lead to the reduction or elimination of debt without having resorting to deception or illegal indicates. These debt relief packages are centered on Christian counseling, re-education and learning as well as intensive budgeting and economical setting up. This enriches the consumer to develop into fantastic economical stewards even over and above the whole repayment of the debt.

Creating Use of Kyocera Tone Cartridge

Right after we discuss Kyocera Toner Tubes, here are a number of the successful looking products. All of your wants as well as are seriously trapped in your concepts just before configuration inside the cartridge. It posses the very finest quality of ink that is referred to as Pantone Matching Program, it is actually one with the well-known method.

CYMK could possibly be a combination of 4 matchless colors such as Yellow, Black, Green and Cyan. By the aid of these 4 one of a kind colors you will be capable of deliver matchless copies within the simplest means by addition to any kind of prints out of your printing machine. This seriously is among the key explanations why on the internet cartridge firm offer you these reasonable Kyocera Toner Tubes.

This supply is designed within the entire nations worldwide seriously reliable, economical and professional manner. These tubes are most most likely possibly one of the most symbolic and expert tubes. These tubes are usually one of a kind and expert and they are obtainable in an cost-effective rate.

The key motive utilizing these skilled tubes really should be to produce durable copies of images and pictures. These tubes are utilized seriously effectively usually to produce durable pictures for practically any extended time. That’s truly the primary explanations why these tubes are extended lasting and offer you an awesome output.