Herbal Remedies for Colic with Gentle, Safe Herbs Like Gripe Water

Does your infant experience crying spells many times a week-and at about the exact same time of day? Does he appear to take pain when he is weeping? Does he pull up his legs to his chest or kick at his feet? You will find things you may do to reduce your kid’s suffering while only your doctor can let you know if the symptoms your baby is showing are associated with the medical condition known as colic. If your baby is experiencing this condition, consult your doctor about including herbal and natural treatments into your kid’s day-to-day regimen.

Acidophilus & Colic

Although it did not focus on herbal treatments, a 2005 study linked colic and imbalances together. If the outcomes of the study are accurate, raising the “good” bacteria inside your baby’s digestive tract might help relieve some of his symptoms. Request your baby’s pediatrician to suggest a company specially invented for babies if you’d like additional information about using Lactobacillus acidophilus to your baby’s colic.

Herbal Colic & Teas

Despite centuries of good use by parents of colicky infants, herbal preparations have not been widely examined. Maybe the finest study to examine herbal teas for colic was a 1993 research. This study seemed a tea made from a blend of fennel, chamomile, vervain, licorice and balm-mint. In over half the babies examined, this tea, within the terms of the research’s writers, “dramatically improved” signs.

Now, it is possible to locate “colic teas” in almost any health food shop. If these herbs are secure for him if you would prefer to try an herbal tea all on your own child, request his pediatrician.

Gripe Water

It may not seem like an herbal treatment for colic but gripe water, which can be made out of essential oils of dill, caraway, clove, amongst others, is a classic English treatment that is growing in popularity in North America. The formula changes drastically from manufacturer to manufacturer, and though it has not been widely analyzed, some of the ingredients in water that is gripe have a long history useful for intestinal ailments like colic.

If you are interested in attempting this kind of product to your baby’s colic, request his pediatrician to recommend a particular brand that she or he trusts.

Are Herbal Remedies Safe For The Baby’s Colic?

If these treatments that are popular are suitable for the child only your doctor can let you know. If you’ve got any questions about the security of these or some other treatments, consult with an experienced healthcare professional for the advice that is right for your child and you.


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