I wouldn’t other with it again

My husband and I had bought Carte Noir in the past and had really enjoyed it. So when we saw a 250 g jar of the coffee on offer in Tesco a couple of weeks ago for £4 we thought that we’d buy a jar. The coffee is usually quite expensive for a small jar, and my husband is a strong coffee lover, and we needed coffee so I thought why not pop it in the trolley. When we got home, we made a cup of coffee expecting the strong rich flavours from the coffee which we had the last time we had bought it- but we were sorely mistaken.

So what IS Carte Noire? Carte Noire is an instant coffee range made by the company, Kraft. The coffee I am reviewing is the original instant coffee, but there is quite a large range available- Cappuccino, Filter, Decaffeinated etc; incidentally it is actually the leading brand of coffee in France.

The packaging of Carte Noire is very appealing, the jar is black and elegant looking, it looks like a premium brand of coffee on the shelf of the supermarkets and makes you think it will be an’ expensive but worth it ‘coffee.

My husband and I both love coffee, but have completely different tastes in it; I am a more smooth roast-person, and I don’t like my coffee too strong, whilst my husband likes his rich and dark, the stronger the better!

He has always raved about Carte Noire saying it is the nicest coffee he has ever had, when we got a small jar a couple of years ago, I am afraid I couldn’t agree, it was far too strong for me, I had to put half a cup of milk in there just to dull the taste! But he loved it. So when he saw it on offer a couple of weeks ago, he jumped at the chance to have a larger jar. It was the exact same as the first lot we had a couple of years previous so we expected the coffee inside to be the same.

We made a cup just as we would make a normal cup of instant coffee, we put a spoonful of the granules into the mug, and poured in the hot boiled water. Our cups are normal sized, not HUGE and not tiny. But when we started drinking our coffee it was just like tap water! There was no taste to it, it certainly wasn’t as strong as it had been the first time we had bought the coffee! It was even too weak for me, the queen of weak coffee!

We tried with two spoons of coffee the next time…still not much difference. We actually ended up having to buy espresso cups and have the TINIEST coffee in the world, just to get a decent taste from it! The quality of the Carte Noire has DEFINITELY gone downhill since a couple of years ago. It just has no taste, and definitely doesn’t warrant spending £5 on a 100 g jar of the stuff. In my own experience, Kenco and Nescafe have been much better with much stronger tastes- even the smooth roast!

Would I buy it again?

After the first time I bought it, my answer would have been yes, it wasn’t to my own personal taste as it was far too strong for me. But now, I most definitely wouldn’t waste my money on it again! It was like dishwater, it had no taste to it at all until there was only about 50 ml of water in it! If it had been advertised as Espresso, then okay, this wouldn’t be a problem, in fact we have a jar of espresso in the cupboard and even that tastes better than this did when mixed into a “full” mug of coffee!

So in a word, no I wouldn’t bother with it again!