Tips To Treat And Prevent A Eye Stye

You must have come across people with bumpy, reddish and watery eyes without getting a proper stye treatment. What would be your first reaction? It should have been “oh! How nasty he looks!” You might become one of the victims of this nasty condition called Eye stye or hordeolum if you are not aware of what a stye is, what the different treatments available are and how to prevent styes by following simple remedies.

You are not going to be one among the persons who roam about with their nasty eye styes. You’ve hit on the right page where you are going to get a lot of successful tips on treatment of stye in eye and the ways to prevent yourself from them. Besides getting proper treatment it s equally important to follow certain things while getting a remedy for getting rid of a stye to avoid recurrent condition and escape the rare complications of eye styes.

As stye is usually a bacterial infection, it is often very common to spread from one eye to the other. Hence it is very important to maintain good personal hygiene. Always keep your hands and your wash towels clean. Try not to touch your eyes too often. This is one of the very important things to get your styes treated and to avoid getting styes in the future. Touching and rubbing your eyes may lead to spread of the infection to the other eye.

Maintaining good personal hygiene includes avoidance of eye makeup during treatment and sharing of eye cosmetics with other people. By doing so you can avoid spreading the infection to others if you are the one suffering from this condition or you may run the risk of getting stye from others! Change all your eye cosmetics like eye liner, mascara, etc and your contact lens which you were using before you got the infection as they may carry the causative bacteria and result in recurrent condition. Always avoid eye makeup while getting your stye remedy. Do not wear your contact lens during your treatment and do not share your contact lens with others at any cost. This is important not only to avoid the spread of styes but also to maintain good eye hygiene.

Avoid intake of high carbohydrate diet as they supply the required glucose for the bacteria to proliferate resulting in hindrance to stye treatment.

Avoid strain to your eyes like excessive exposure to light, computer and television. This may increase strain to your eyes and result in excessive itching and watering of the eyes and again rubbing, spread of infection and the cycle goes on. Hence it is always better to give rest to the eyes while getting eye stye treatment.

And last but not the least. Never ever squeeze your stye. You are actually spreading the infection rather than trying to get rid of the stye. This is golden rule one should follow while getting a treatment. Why take the risk of spread the infection and get complications like chalazion? See your doctor.