Want to Get Pregnant? Have Wild, Energetic Sex

Trying to have a baby? According to a recent story in the Guardian newspaper, researchers say that couples who have great sex – forsaking extensive book learning’ and temperature readings and all other mechanical methods – might have a better chance at conceiving.

“Couples who are trying to have a baby often mention that the sex becomes a bit of a chore, a bit mechanical and routine. That’s the wrong thing to be doing,” says Dr Allan Pacey, a senior lecturer in andrology at Sheffield University and secretary of the British Fertility Society. “The sex should be as wild and thrilling as it was when they first met, when they weren’t thinking about babies, to give them the maximum possible chance of having a baby,” he adds. One researcher refers to this kind of mutually satisfying sex as “gourmet sex.”

Men usually produce about 250 million sperm during intercourse; but those who are fully stimulated by gourmet sex can ejaculate up to 50% more than that. According to Pacey, an extra five minutes of sexual activity before ejaculation can produce an extra 25 million sperm – plus the extra sperm released are of a higher standard.

This research supports previous studies that demonstrate that men who have viewed pornography before ejaculation also produce greater amounts of sperm.

The role of the female orgasm is much disputed, with some researchers believing that it has no impact whatsoever on the ability to conceive. But others insist that the muscle contractions that occur during climax make it easier for sperm to make its way to the cervix and therefore increase the odds for conception.