Disadvantages of LASIK Surgery

We all know the advantages of LASIK surgery. It’s very helpful for those patients who have nearsightedness, farsightedness and have problems with the shape of cornea. LASIK helps the most who have blurred vision you can get LASIK surgery in Delhi [visual aids centre] or who wants to get dumb their eye glasses but many people also wants to know about the disadvantages of LASIK surgery.

Disadvantages of LASIK Eye Surgery

  • Dry eyes:- This is a common problem that many occur after having LASIK surgery and this effect can last a day or a week or in some cases, even months. The dry eyes problem occurs because the sensitivity of the corneal nervous system started reduced from the laser procedure due to this your eyes need Therefore you guys can experience dry eyes, scratchy and uncomfortable eyes. Dry eyes syndrome is not a major issue that can’t be treated or fixed by medicines. This syndrome can easily be treated with eye drops, but sometimes the opthamologist recommends anti-inflammatory medicines for your dry eyes problem. PRK is also a good option for you, when you don’t feel that LASIK surgery is a good option for you. PRK is now very popular. This is an alternative to LASIK with a different technique that can help to reduce the chances of flap healing. The price of LASIK surgery cost in India (https://visualaidscentre.com/) is much lower than others.
  • Complication in flap:- The major risk associated with the LASIK surgery stems from the flap technique. The flap is extremely delicate and thin. This is why many flap complications that include:
  1. The debris becoming trapped under the flap is a common problem that may arise after LASIK surgery.
  2. The flap becomes displaced or slightly changes its
  3. The flap breaking or sometimes not being complete after the eye surgery.
  4. Distorted vision due to flap wrinkling up.
  5. The damage at the flap has been created because the corneal tissue is weaker.
  • Seeing halos around the image: these complications can occur after the LASIK surgery. You may have difficulty seeing at night after surgery but this problem is not for your whole It usually lasts a few days or sometimes a few weeks. Sometimes you might notice light sensitivity, glare or halos around bright light.
  • Under correction or over correction:- if the laser removes too little tissue from your eyes in the LASIK surgery you would not get the clear vision and you can’t get the result that you are hoping for. If the laser removes too much tissue from your eyes, overcorrection may be more difficult to fix than under correction.
  • You always need an experienced surgeons because LASIK is technically complex and the problem may occur when the doctor creates the flap
  • You can achieve the best vision when you wear contacts or eyeglasses and LASIK can’t give you the best
  • In some cases, especially to those people who have large pupils the night vision gets affected or may be sometimes worse.
  • Difficulty driving at night.
  • Fluctuating vision.